Reed Diffuser Refill, 200ml
Reed Diffuser Refill, 200ml
Reed Diffuser Refill, 200ml

200ml Reed Diffuser Refill Pack

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Instead of throwing away your empty Reed Diffuser Jar purchase a refill pack containing 10 x reed sticks and 200ml of triple scented diffuser liquid.

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All you need to do once you receive your refill pack is the following

1. Wash out your empty diffuser with warm soapy water ensuring you rinse it out well

2. Leave to dry upside down overnight

3. Pour in liquid. It helps to measure out the liquid in a measuring jar/cup prior to pouring if your diffuser is less then 200ml

4. Add your new Reed Sticks.

If your existing reed sticks have been used with a fragrance other than what you have purchased I strongly advise that you don’t use them and use the new ones provided in this pack. 

Click on Product Care Information tab for more info regarding diffuser care and maintenance.

We use only the highest of quality Australian made ingredients.